Live Streams

Live Stream your next event to a wider audience

Live Streaming Events

FedStreaming provides a platform to support your next Live Stream event. The platform is standards compliant, mobile first responsive design, accessible and able to support large audiences. FedStreaming was developed by Creative Liquid Productions to provide organizations an easy way to get their live event shared and distributed without having to invest in website development for their live events.

A mockup for a live stream event.

Live Stream video

Creative Liquid has over 10 years of experience streaming live events. Our CDN allows for high quality (10bit, HD video) which adapts to your users bandwidth to ensure the best possible experience. Our production team creates and produces your event, either on location or remotely!

Event resources

Links to Social Media, websites and other resources and a Call to Action button. Files can be hosted and distributed directly from FedStreaming, or be hosted on your own website.

Flexible text areas

Our stream templates feature a two column layout with text and the event resources below your live event. The text area can include text paragraphs, lists, tables, images or even additional pre-recorded videos.