Virtual Event Venues

Host your next virtual event on FedStreaming. 

Virtual Event Home

Welcome your visitors to your event and provide an overview in one central place. Your custom event banner will be used across the entire event, and provide visitors an easy way to navigate back to your Landing Page at any time.

Your Virtual Event Landing Page has a large media area that can used for a welcome graphic or video to help set the stage for your event. 

Our team can help put your custom content on the page, and can support a wide array of content, from text introductions, links, images, tables, event agendas etc.

A mockup of a Virtual Event homepage showing the key elements listed above.


Each stage can feature a Live Event or Pre-recorded Video player. Each can include links to resources, a button for a call to action. There is also space for a written summary, overview or agenda. Working with our team we can customize the contents to suit your needs on each stage. 

Main Stage

Your main stage is a live or pre-recorded video off your event landing page. 

Side Stages

Beneath your main stage, a listing of side stages that allow visitors to move into a side room.


You can also include Meetings, that link to your own webinar system, or one of our recommended solutions to allow for interactive collaboration or webinar type meetings.

A mockup of the Main Stage and Side Stages of a Virtual Event. 



Vendor Booths provide a place to highlight vendors, organizations or presenters. Each booth allows for the vendor Logo, a slide, contact information (Name, Email, Phone), a call to action button and room to provide some information about the vendor in a free form text area. 


Vendors can create Meetings, that link to their own webinar system to host side conversations, or other presentations.

A mockup of the Vendor Listing on a Virtual Event